Reflections on Cambodia

March 12, 2o12 What the Khmer Rouge killing fields tell us about leftist utopianism.
By Douglas B. Levene

In April of 1970, I, along with thousands of other college students, went on strike. We were protesting the bombing of Cambodia. It was a heady time, untroubled by any actual knowledge of Cambodia. Not that anyone knew very much about Cambodia then. Read Full Article.


Reporter recalls rare trip to Pol Pot’s Cambodia

AFP, February 22, 2012

When the Khmer Rouge invited a pair of American journalists to Cambodia in the late 1970s for a rare glimpse of the revolution, they found empty streets and schools in a city with no laughter.

“There was nobody there. It was like walking into the Twilight Zone,” recalled one-time Washington Post correspondent Elizabeth Becker. Read Full Story


Elizabeth Becker: An American Journalist’s Tour of the Khmer Rouge

VOA, February 8, 2012

Rare photographs depicting life under the Khmer Rouge go on display in Phnom Penh this week, along with audio interviews with regime leaders that will become part of a permanent collection in the capital.

The exhibit, “A Reporter’s Dangerous Guided Tour Through Democratic Kampuchea,” chronicles the work of Elizabeth Becker, an American journalist and author of “When the War Was Over,” a book on Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge. Read Elizabeth Becker Full Article


Sinn Sisamouth–Cambodian Master Singer

In memory of Etta James, Whitney Houston and others American legendary singers, here is our Cambodian iconic singer Sinn Sisamouth whose life was cut short by the Khmer Rouge regime.  His songs and voice will live forever.