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Dith Pran, 65; helped reveal ‘Killing Fields’

Last night I lit three incense sticks for pou(uncle) Dith Pran who passed away in 2008. I first met pou Pran in 1993;I was nervous and stumbled over my words as I shared my story with him. He was so kind and encouraging, and told me I should write it all down.
When I finally penned my book, pou wrote this blurb for me. “Loung has written an eloquent and powerful narrative as a young witness to the Khmer Rouge atrocities. This is an important story that will have a dramatic impact on today’s readers and inform generations to come.” ~ DITH PRAN, whose wartime life was portrayed in the award-winning film The Killing Fields. It meant a lot for me to have his support. Thank you, Pou, for all you’ve given to Cambodia and her people. Wherever you are, may your spirit rest in peace. Loung Ung

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