Saving the Children

60 Minutes, 4/27/2014 This story will restore your faith in human goodness and humanity. Thank you, Nicholas Winton, you’re my hero. From 60 Minutes: “Nicholas Winton… went to Czechoslovakia to see if there was anything he could do to help. What’s strange is that for almost 50 years, he hardly told anyone about what he had accomplished and for 50 years, the children knew nothing about who had saved them or how.”



Surviving the Island of Widows,

Surviving the Island of Widows, a ‘prison without walls’ for women

Fri, 25 April 2014

On the Tonle Bassac river lies the island where the Khmer Rouge kept the wives of its murdered male victims. Will Jackson reports.

After the Khmer Rouge came to Koh Khsach Tunlea, Sam Chang’s husband Eang Heang fled the island. As a lawyer, he was marked for death by a regime that wanted to wipe out all traces of the previous society.