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Another Mass Grave discovered in Cambodia…

Meanwhile, here on earth…in a remote village in Cambodia, another sad discovery… LU   “We estimate that 35,000 or more people died at this site,” the director said.. Read this Washington Post Article

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Nuon Chea Denies Role in Security Apparatus, Killings

VOA, February 9, 2012     Jailed Khmer Rouge leader Nuon Chea was given the right to order killings under the regime’s policies, a tribunal prosecutor told the court Thursday. Dale Lysak, international deputy prosecutor for the UN-backed court, said documentation of the regime showed that the security committee, which included Nuon Chea and Pol […]

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Duch: Symbol of Khmer Rouge horror

Who is Duch? This BBC piece provides a good, brief background. Loung Ung BBC News, February 3, 2012 By Philippa Fogarty In early 1999, in a village in northwest Cambodia, an elderly man introduced himself to a journalist. He was Hong Pen, he said, a former teacher from the capital, Phnom Penh. He spoke good […]

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