LOUNG UNG is a bestselling author, activist, and co-screenplay writer of a 2017 Netflix Original Movie directed by Angelina Jolie based on her memoir, First They Killed My Father, now streaming on Netflix in 190 countries. 

Loung Ung was only 5 years old when the Khmer Rouge soldiers stormed into her native city of Phnom Penh. Four years later, in one of the bloodiest episodes of the 20th century, some two million Cambodians – out of a population of seven million – had died at the hands of the infamous Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime. Among the victims were both of Loung’s parents, two sisters, and 20 other relatives. In 1980, Loung, her older brother Meng and his wife, escaped by boat to Thailand, where they spent five months in a refugee camp before relocating to the United States in Vermont. READ LOUNG UNG FULL BIO
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